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sábado, 26 de dezembro de 2015

Unreal 4.11

A Unreal esta sempre em constante melhoria. Com o seu uso cada vez maior na área da arquitetura e engenharia onde é usada para apresentação dos projetos,a quantidade de pessoas interessadas em suas utilização aumentou bastante.
Segue uma listagem com os updates da próxima versão que ainda esta em desenvolvimento e ainda é instável. A recomendação é que se continue utilizando a versão estável dela, a 4.10 para seus trabalhos importantes.
Pra mim, se ela desse um pouco menos de trabalho com as uvs já estaria de bom tamanho...

4.11 Preview Summary

This list provides a brief summary of updates in this release. Full release notes will be made available with the final 4.11 release. We may not be able to provide additional information about updates at this time. 

Rendering Updates:
New physically based shading model for realistic hair based on the latest research from film. It models 2 specular lobes, transmission, and scattering.New physically based shading model for eyes.New physically based shading model for cloth. This combines the standard shading model with a layer of velvet fibers. This layer simulates fuzz and fabrics.Capsule Shadows - We now have support for very soft indirect shadows cast by a capsule representation of the characterLightmass Portals - Skylight quality indoors can be massively improved by setting up Portal actors over openings. Portals tell Lightmass where to look for incoming lighting, they don’t actually emit light themselves. Portals are best used covering small openings that are important to the final lighting. Placing large Portals all over the level will dramatically increase build times.Per-vertex translucency lighting - There are two new translucency lighting modes available in the material editor which compute lighting per-vertex. PerVertex lighting modes use half as many shader instructions and texture lookups.We now have support for 3 lighting channels. You can set which channels a PrimitiveComponent or a LightComponent is in.We’ve integrated Intel's Embree ray tracing library into Lightmass and we got a huge lighting build speedup from it, as the majority of lighting build time goes toward tracing rays to figure out how light is bouncing.We’ve integrated updates to the D3D12 RHI to allow better CPU utilization while generating rendering commands in parallel.Improved quality and performance of the SubsurfaceScatteringProfile shading model.Circle Depth of Field post process - New Material Functions to render small particles with out of focus.Materials using separate translucency can now be rendered at a lower resolution, which can be useful to improve GPU performance for fillrate and overdraw heavy geometry (for example particle effects).
The resolution is controlled via a console variable, r.SeparateTranslucencyScreenPercentage, which expresses separate translucency as a percentage of current screen resolution.Static mesh LOD transitions now supporting dithering.Core Updates:
CrashReporter Server availableImprovements
Garbage Collection up to 4x fasterDependency preloading - brings us close to seek free loading (90% of the time seek free), faster package loadingUnrealHeaderTool makefiles - iterative UHT runs are 5x fasterPlatform Updates:
Metal on MacAppleTV supportFast Semantics on XboxOneVS2015 on XboxOneCode plugins for PS4Deterministic cooking "bug-finder" commandletBackground content precaching for most-recently-cooked-platformEditor/Tools Updates:
Sequencer improvements
New tracks: Shot/director, play rate, slomo, fade, material, particle parameter tracks.Improved movie rendering, exr supportImproved/consistent keyframing behaviors, copy/paste keyframes, copy keys from matinee, 3d keyframe path displayMaster sequence workflowSpawnables workflowUI improvements: track coloring, keyframe shapes/coloring, track filteringFramework Updates:
Anim Dynamics Skeletal Control for Animation Blueprints - allows dynamic motion to be procedurally added to skeletal meshes without having to use a full physics solution. This is accomplished using the new “Anim Dynamics” node in the Animation Graph of an Animation Blueprint.Networking Updates:
Packet handler system
Easy interception of packets for things like encryption, compression, etcAdded CryptoPP, and packet handler components that support it out of the boxOodle integration (SDK purchase required)Client-side replaysBlueprint Updates:
The Blueprint search tool has been updated to support more advanced search functionality (to get more targeted results).Native C++ functions marked BlueprintCallable can now also be optionally marked as DevelopmentOnly. This new metadata allows calls to those functions to be disabled (compiled out) of all Blueprint function graphs in cooked/packaged builds without breaking the execution flow.Mobile Rendering Updates:
Support for hardware instancing on iOS and many Android devices, reducing draw calls for Foliage and InstancedStaticMeshComponents.Improved reflections on mobile, optionally interpolating between up to 3 reflection captures and performing parallax correctionVR Updates:
Instanced Stereo RenderingHead Mounted Display Camera RefactorStereo LayersSDK Updates: Oculus SDK 1.0, SteamVR 1.0, PlayStationVR SDK3 Updates, and Gear VR LibOVRMobile 1.0 (not yet updated for Preview 1, but will be by final release)Landscape/Foliage Updates:
Landscape layer whitelisting, allowing you to control which landscape components should accept which layers in the painting toolLandscape layer usage view mode, to quickly see which landscape components are using which layersSupport for baking WorldPositionOffset changes into landscape collisionAdditional features and updates may be added to this list over time.

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