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sexta-feira, 6 de março de 2015

Updade Thea Render : Thea Render (v1.4.05.1261)

Olá pessoal.

Segue novo update do Thea Render e seus plugins.
Abaixo está a lista de updates.

Crash fix for operations on textures (adding, deleting) during Presto interactive render. (IR/Presto)
Float stability fix when using IBL map. (All Engines)
Slight improvement of Studio GUI response when editing material in lab during interactive render. (Studio UI)
Crash fix for Presto on the presence of displaced emitters. (Presto)
Crash fix for Presto when opening texture from material/texture lab during interactive render. (Studio/IR/Presto)
Rare hang fix for Presto due to synchronization loss. (Presto)
Fixed minor initialization bug for bitmap textures. (Core)
Minor fix for writing data to layered material. (I/O)
Noisy reflection bug fix for Adaptive BSD. (Adaptive BSD) bug #1269
Improved handling of mouse wheel in the darkroom zoom in/out. (Studio UI)
Added mouse wheel speed multiplier setting (in studio preferences). (Studio UI)
Minor fix for cropped missing bitmap dialog on OSX. (Studio UI/OSX)
Studio UI fix for disappearing render settings. (Studio UI)
Fix for position, UV and mask channels. (TR2/AMC)
Crash fix when shadow catcher material exists in scene but final gathering is disabled. (Adaptive BSD)
Crash fix when rendering scene with sun then switching to rendering scene without sun. (Adaptive BSD)
Artifact fix with thin film with interference for irradiance precomputation. (Adaptive BSD) bug #1396
Channel fix: altering Presto channels to be computed like TR1/TR2 when transparencies are present. (Presto) bug
Recursive directory creation for directory handling. (Linux/OSX/Installation)
Added switch -safemode for clean & diagnostic run (finding and overriding installation errors). (I/O)
Added shortcuts for -client, -darkroom, -matlab, -safemode on Linux desktop. (Linux/Installer)
TR1/TR2/AMC match now BSD and Presto when evaluating shadow catcher after reflective material, in the presence of reflection/refraction mapping. (TR1/TR2/AMC) bug #1227
Background, reflection, refraction mapping assumed now to be black when being enabled but no bitmap is selection, making Presto output matching TR1/TR2/AMC/BSD. (Presto) bug #1260
Auto updates crash fix for Linux/OSX by changing file downloading scheme. (Linux/OSX)
Minor correction for color and enable controls layout. (Studio UI)
Minor correction for buttons' text -client and -matlab modes. (Linux/OSX/Studio UI)

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