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segunda-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2015

Atualização do Thea Render e Plugins: (v1.4.04.1252)

Bom dia.

Ótima noticia para iniciar a semana. A atualização do Thea Render Estúdio e seus Plugins para uma nova versão que inclui muitas correções. A versão anterior vinha apresentando alguns problemas que incomodavam bastante, coisa que não é normal no Thea Render que é conhecido também pela sua estabilidade e robustez.

Segue a lista de correções:

  • Clamping in texture tonemap for CPU engines is now made in that way to match Presto output. (All CPU Engines)
  • Bug fix for Presto CPU (compiler issue) when rotating textures. [bug #1417] (Presto)
  • Fix for timeout when Presto used in bucket rendering and more than 1 devices are involved (or if network is used). (Presto)
  • Fix for showing selected instance in instancing brush. (Studio UI)
  • Crash fix when changing texture in IBL (eg. applying Sky with double click), during Presto interactive render. (IR|Presto)
  • Shadow catcher works again in Presto. (Presto)
  • Small memory leak fix in Presto. (Presto)
  • Correctly handling studio-GUI-wise locking of caustic map and irradiance cache. (Studio UI)
  • Crash fix for Presto, when IBL reflection and refraction mapping is enabled but not illumination mapping. (Presto)
  • Crash fix for Presto, when changing textures with IBL enabled. (Presto)
  • Fix for missing sun in Presto when dragging it during interactive render. (Presto)
  • Fixed updating of camera mappings during Presto interactive render. (Presto)
  • Crash fix when changing camera mapping during Presto interactive render. (IR|Presto)
  • Fixed selection of camera, in the camera map texture control. (Studio UI)
  • Fixed compiler bug. bug #1428
  • Made direct material room rendering faster (reduced AA settings). (Material Editor UI)
  • Viewport layer indicators are now updated when deleting a model/light. (Studio UI)
  • Network rendering with per-frame cooperation (animation) is stopping now when user stops rendering (regression bug). (Network)
  • Command line network rendering with per-frame cooperation (animation) succeeds now accepting clients. bug #1407 (Network)
  • Weird crash fix upon initialization when Viewport needs to be drawn, before studio is fully initialized. (OSX|Studio UI)
  • Crash fix when Model tab is visible and there exists a model with empty name. (Studio UI)
  • Last material room selection is now saved/restored and used as default. (Material Editor UI)
  • Quick and dirty fix for settings panels being cropped when expanded. (Studio UI)
  • Clearing now material editors upon loading scene. (Studio UI)
  • Render matches now between CPU engines and Presto when there is single BSDF with weight map. (Materials|Presto)
  • Fixed crash with updating sun during interactive render in SDK (crash happening in Thea for SketchUp). bug #1427 (IR|Presto)
  • Crash fix for Presto when textured emitters are evaluated on surfaces without UV coordinates (regression bug). (Presto)
  • Improved logging for Presto sync phase, warning unsupported textures. (Presto I/O)
  • Unbiased TR1/TR2 and AMC match now Presto lighting when evaluating invisible emitters. (TR1/TR2/AMC)
Bom inicio de semana a todos!.

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